Opgal’s NDTherm® quickly and safely inspects parts and identifies internal defects using NDT thermography. NDTherm® supports diverse manufacturing technologies for offline and inline testing during serial production, enabling:

  • Detection of various flaws such as disbonding, delaminations and inserts in layered structures and plastics
  • Detection of flaws in CFRPs manufactured for automotive, aerospace, and other industries
  • Investigation of honeycomb structures including water ingres

NDTherm® Product Range

Opgal currently offers the following NDTherm® configurations for production line and in-service applications.


  • Fast “Go/No-Go” inspection
  • Designed for “predetermined test set-ups
  • Simple operation


  • Production line configuration
  • Provides NDT in-line solution
  • Higher accuracy and detection level
  • Requires trained personnel for set-up optimization


  • Fully automated, 3D parts inspection
  • Suitable for Large scale & complex shape parts
  • Supports production line applications
  • Automatic pass/fail  criteria implementation (optional)

Requires trained personnel for set-up optimization

Why NDTherm®?

  • Allows examination of a variety of materials, composites and structures
  • Compact and cost effective
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Realtime contact-free examination of parts
  • Enables examination when access is limited to one side
  • Industrial or field configuration
  • Customizable to your product or process