NDTherm® AU takes the performance and capabilities of NDTherm®FX one step forward — offering a complete and automated solution for large scale parts inspection in manufacturing and production line applications. The unique technology can easily handle complex 3D shapes. In addition, fully automated pass/fail criteria procedures can be implemented.*

Select Opgal NDTherm®AU System when you require a fast, non-contact and reliable Non Destructive Testing (NDT) solution to perform variety of tests on large parts and complex shapes using a single system configuration.

Measuring unitInspection area400x500mm / 200x250mm
Minimum operating distance300-500mmBetween measuring unit & inspected object
Minimum flaw size6mm / 3mm
Average measuring time30-60 secondsFor a single measurement
Weight9 Kg.
Spectral band8-12 µm
Thermal camera640×480 17 µm
Frame rateBelow 30 Hz.
Thermal sensitivityless than 30 mk.
Energy sourcesHalogen, 3.6KW
ManipulatorPayload16 Kg max
Maximum reach1,610 mm
Number of axes6
Position repeatability0.1mm
Weight250 Kg
Mounting positionsFloor / Ceilling
GeneralComputer TypeDesktopFinal configuration TBD
Operating SWWin-7
Test modesReflection
* specifications are subject to change without notice